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Activate Your Life

We are committed to fortifying and foster economic and personal growth for reintegration for women. Serving as an advocate to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities for women who are in transition. Creating a platform that will alleviate recidivism, poverty and accelerate economic development.

One of our main focuse is to encourage the expansion of women-owned businesses in the Tri- State area. By way of implementation of educational and empowerment programs for women.

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Meet Lucinda

Lucinda Cross, known as the Chief Activator is THE VOICE of this generation. CEO of Activate Worldwide. and founder of Activate Your Life 501c3. Lucinda is a TEDx speaker, an accomplished best-selling author with 5 self-published books under her name. Recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award from former President Barack Obama.

She is a highly sought after International Speaker and Lifestyle Business Coach, crisscrossing the country weekly delivering her high impact, anticipated words of wisdom, self-discovery, and strategy. Lucinda’s story is compelling. It’s one of triumph and overcoming odds to regain her rightful place in life. It’s a story of using all of your life experiences to inspire thousands. Lucinda Cross helps women turn their stories into brandable, marketable and scalable business models.

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